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Lab Safety Tips


Lab Safety Tips


Remembering Neil Armstrong: Humanity’s Hero

“As you go outside tonight, take a look at the moon and remember that Armstrong’s bootprints are still there, beckoning us to return and continue where the Apollo astronauts left off.”

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Now I don’t expect MUCH from the Daily Mail…

…but I did expect them to know baby birds come from eggs.


I met Neil Armstrong once, at a dinner to honor Jimmy Doohan in the early 2000s.

He was not much taller than me, but he was a giant of a man. He was as kind as he was intimidating.

I don’t remember what I said to him, or what he said to me, because all I could think the entire time was “This man has walked on the fucking moon.”

Rest in peace, Neil. Because of your bravery and your courage, an entire species will forever look into the night sky and see not a mystery, but a destination.


Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), The First Person To Walk on the Moon

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